37 Led Security Light

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With up to 12 hours light on full charge this is one of the brightest long lasting lanterns on the market. Very versatile, with shoulder strap, multi position handle and AC/DC adapter for charge from mains as well as a cigarette lighter charger for use in the car.

Perfect for use on camping, marine, or treks in the bush plus great to have around the house for emergency use.



  • 37 Super bright white LED's
  • Rechargeable light with a 100m range
  • Up to 12 hours light on a full charge
  • 2400 Lux - 1 Million candle power
  • Multi position handle, adjustable stand and shoulder strap
  • AC/DC adaptor for charging and one cigarette lighter plug
  • The essential camping or vehicle accessory
  • Ideal as a torch, emergency or security light
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