16Pk Mirror Stainless Steel Bird Repellent Disks

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Protect your property in minutes, with Parkland bird repellent diverter discs bird repellent diverter discs will repel most common house hold birds: pigeons, ducks, herons, grackles, crows, seagulls and starlings amongst others. The discs are effective in a wide range of areas: car ports, gardens, roofs, crops, trees, backyards, boats, boat docks, patios balconies. Simply put: these discs can be used anywhere with access to wind and light. Light reflection is a time tested method for scaring birds away. It is the preferred method of commercial farmers, and is endorsed by agricultural agencies. A simple and permanent solution. Put a stop to bird damage. Uses light reflection to scare away pest birds. - Comes in a pack of 16 discs, with 8 hooks and 24 rings to attach the discs together. - Assembly is required and takes about 5 minutes. - Made from stainless steel. - Discs have a diameter of 7.5cm and reflective are on both sides. - Simple to install: just hook it up in an area with access to light. The extra long hook holds well even in the strongest of winds. - The product is not a toy and contains small parts; it should not be handled by children.



  • SOLVE YOUR BIRD PROBLEMS TODAY! - Whether it's pigeons, crows or any other pest bird, De-Bird repellent discs will immediately protect against all types of mess, damage and roosting.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE - Protect your trees, crops, car, home and garden. Anywhere and everywhere can be protected with our tried and tested bird repellent discs.
  • AN ATTRACTIVE SOLUTION - Every day customers come to us complimenting the look of our discs. Why not join them and add a beautiful flourish to your home and garden?
  • EASY TO HANG AND HOOK - it's the no-nonsense design of our discs which makes them such a must-have for the garden. They're resilient and easy to hook, making them a perfect adaptable accessory for all gardens.
  • WILDLIFE FRIENDLY AND BUILT TO LAST - We make our discs from highly durable, non-tarnishing stainless steel. Why? So you can be sure that after you fit your discs, they will keep their shine and continue to work their magic timelessly. We have ensured that all our repellents are wildlife friendly. Our Discs are 100% non-toxic, and work by reflecting light to scare birds. They will never injure any animal in any way. Relax and enjoy some peace of mind, your bird problem has been solved harmlessly
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